Hell and Heartaches

The Breakup

Despite my best efforts and mildly enjoying them I have to relax and release the following TV shows….

The 100 - Literally 42 minutes of me having no clue what is going on, I am better at comprehending Korean Soaps without the subtitles than this show. 

Sons of Anarchy - This is one of those you had to be there things for me. I see it, I understand why everyone watched but there is no reason for me to watch Peg Bundy and Hellboy run the Family Business.

American Horror Story: Freak Show - Can I just get a Patti LaBelle was in this scene supercut and go? 

Eye Candy - This one is brand new and I thought I’d like it, but spent the episode wondering…Why is it raining so much? Certainly not because of a high pressure weather system. What season is it? Why is everyone that knows her dying yet people are still volunteering to hang out with her? Why is her house so damn dark? 

Gracepoint - This creepy and I watched it already when it was called Broadchurch. It was like living the U.S. vs. U.K. Being Human all over again. 

My Favorite roulette system is one that wins on a regular basis.  One that provides enough money to pay for the trip, including hotel, food and travel expenses.  When I go to Las Vegas, I love to play craps and roulette with a winning strategy or roulette system.  Although I can't win everytime, so far I am ahead of the casino! Let's hope it continues. The Six Pack Plus Roulette System on About.com is another one of my favorites.

Rainy Day Playlist 2016…..

The Last Skeptik - Waffle
SBTRKT - Look At Stars (MachineDrum Remix)
Chairlift - Sidewalk Safari (Sampha Remix)
SBTRKT - Never Never featuring Sampha
Jessie Ware and Sampha - Valentine
Sampha - Beneath The Tree
Drake - The Motion featuring Sampha
Sampha - Without
Sampha - Rainstars
Lil Silva - On Your Own featuring Sampha
SBTRKT - Hold On featuring Sampha
System of a Down - Roulette
Sampha - Evening Glow
Sampha - Indecision
Sampha - Indecision (The Last Skeptik Remix)
Sampha - Break Off
SBTRKT - Living Like I Do featuring Sampha
Sampha and Koreless - Let It Go
Sampha - Can’t Get Close
Sampha - Hesitant Oath
Sampha - Demons
Sampha - Too Much
Drake - Too Much featuring Sampha
H.A.S - Wonderland featuring Sampha
Jessie Ware - What You Won’t Do For Love
T.M. Revolution - High Pressure (see video below)
I'm planning to ask for this DVD for my birthday. I want it so bad. As for the video, I love it! Takanori is my favorite singer and High Pressure is my new favorite song. I've been a proud Taka fan for the past 8 years (ever since I heard of his existence). It sucks a little that the image is behind on the sound and that it's not complete. Otherwise, it's fantastic!


Emmy Nominations

Things I meant to watch but forgot about: 

  • The HBO Phil Spector Film 
  • Bates Motel noms 
  • The Girl
  • House of Cards
  • Epsiodes


  • Dame Diana Rigg
  • Emilia Clarke
  • Betty White
  • Edie Falco
  • Bobby Cannavale
  • The Borgias for Art Direction
  • Behind the Candelabra for Costuming


  • No Noms for Tatiana Maslany, Charles Dance or Kevin Bacon?
  • Put Michael Douglas & Matt Damon in the same category? Matt was totally supporting, no? 

  • Jessie J // Do It Like A Dude



After have the song playlisted for ages, actual watched the video and F.K.A.

Wings popped up within the first 10 seconds as a high flow dancer….get ‘em Twigsie


A New High Pressure Shower Head

high pressure shower headFed up with my low pressure showers, I found this video on this website and ordered the high pressure shower head.
It arrived and installed and
it's exactly the high pressure shower head with high flow that I needed.  Thank heaven.  




Why are high pressure systems associated with fair, clear skies?

I really benefited from this because it is like a video of all the weather theory contained in the FAA manuals that I am reading.
Kudos to Scott for this. I'm also trying to figure out if there are any videos on high pressure altitude in non-standard atmospheric conditions.

What are the benefits of high flow therapy?
High Flow Therapy Patient

Based on the some scientific evidence, the use of High Flow Therapy in certain patients can improve oxygen and can even decrease the patients work of breathing without the need for non-invasive or invasive ventilation. Oxygenation at the alveolar level is quite efficient indeed. The concept is similar to a non re-breather mask, except that the reservoir is a lot more proximal to the lung.