Seeking a high pressure or at least a somewhat high pressure for my shower head, I asked about how to improve the pressure and flow in my shower and here are a few of the answers I received from readers:

If you're going to adjust the water pressure coming into the house get a gauge to check your adjustments. You can find them for under $12 at a hardware store, screw them onto a hose bib outside and see what the gauge reads with water running indoors. It varies by the situation but if you go too high, even if it means a nice shower, it can damage plumbing.

So the Flow-restrictor is legit and opening it up will, in most cases solve your pressure problems. But only open up the hole a bit at a time. Some washers have more than one hole, but you only need to open one; a bit at a time. You open it up too much or remove the washer all together and it will feel like you are being sandblasted or like a million microninjas are tickling your everything to death.

Just open up the hole a bit at a time until the flow is where you like it. It does work for most cases; speaking from personal experience.

The problem with my shower is that I have to turn the knob all the way to the hot position in order for the water to heat up at all. Then it is too hot, and I have to make microscopic adjustments in order to get it comfortable without going back to cold. A graph of the temperature relative to knob position would look like:

All the action is in the very last fraction of a degree. Does anyone know how to calibrate the knob so that it makes a more gradual adjustment? I know there's plenty of hot water in the system - the water from the sink is much hotter than the water from the shower.

high pressure shower headFed up with my low pressure showers, I found this video on this website and ordered the high pressure shower head.
It arrived and installed and
it's exactly the high flow shower head with high pressure that I needed.  Thank heaven.  

Icon Shower Head S-2251

Speakmanís signature silhouette is updated with modern contours. Featuring a solid brass construction and the technology, the Icon Shower Head S-2251 has 8 precision jets that transform water into 64 spray channels. The sculpted arm transitions effortlessly through an adjustable spray patterns from full body needling to gentle rain rinsing and drenching full flood of sprays. The 360-degree rotation also results in self cleaning, ensuring each stream is delivered at its intended pressure. And it's available in an assortment of finishes to pair flawless style with unparalleled performance indeed.

Here's what one of the websites that I visited said about their shower head:  Need High pressure in your low flow shower head? We have the fix. The Original Shower Heads for low water pressure, unlike any other shower head on the market today these Fire Hydrant Spa Series of shower heads for low water pressure allow the user to custom fit the model to match the needs. This unique customization is the key to getting a much better shower indeed.

The majority of low water pressure shower heads on the market today are not designed for low water pressure. The  Fire Hydrant Shower Head is one that improve shower quality under low water pressure.