First-Ever Purina® Cat Chow® Correspondent Identified: Andy Senor Jr., of New York Earns One-Year, $50,000 Assignment to Travel the Country and Report on Cat-Related Topics

I get THE BEST press releases ever. The whole things is filled with gems. Like…

Senor will be sent out into the field – just like a news correspondent – to cover interesting cat stories, interview cat owners and report on cat-related events


In addition to his passion for his cat and the performing arts, Senor is an aficionado of Cuban food.

The roundhouse kick is the bio info on the other finalists (3000 people auditioned and 7 made it to the finals)

Stephanie Harwin, Cat Blogger

The others in the running have additional occupations attached to them but Stephanie is a straight up Cat Blogger 24/7. SWAG.

In other news Corona is hiring a Relaxation Expert. Unfortunately it’s only open to California residents or they would have just hired me and saved the money on a website.