Have you ever wanted a roulette system or strategy that worked?

This is one of the greatest and my favorite of roulette systems created and it is very simple to

follow. Of you get the practice and follow the instructions you will beat the evil

wheel 9 out of ten times every time you play this system.

The system goes as follow:

If you are familiar with the roulette game you will see that 36 spins you will see

that the 37 numbers of the will never ever appear. However you have got in your

hands a good idea to start getting some hits after you look at the game for a while.

The idea is:

Sit at a table (if possible, sit right in the middle so you can reach all the numbers


Get yourself a pad and start crossings out all that come out until you get to the

point that there are 20 numbers left that have not appeared yet.

Now you start playing one unit to each of these numbers. You have a lot of

possibilities to get a hit because you will be covering 20 out of 37 numbers.

Now, the condition to start the game is the following:

If the number that started the session was high, you have to wait for a high

number to come out to start the bet. If the number that came out last was not high

the amount of spins must be less than 21.

If the number that started the session was low, you have to wait for a low number

to come out before you start betting. If it was not low the amount of spins must

be less than 21.

The final theory is that at some point and you will get hits even with no

progression used. You have to do flat bets because the studies I have tested show

that you will hit the numbers more often than you think because according to the

law of the third an average of 24 numbers will appear so you will be betting to the

20 numbers that did not came out so that you will get more hits than losses.

Try this system out following the conditions and you will be surprise of the

benefits you will get.

With this system there is no need to wish anyone good luck because luck is on

the one’s who knows side. Now you know this roulette system strategy method to win at rouletteso you will have luck on

your side. Roulette is one of the oldest gambling games around, dating back hundreds of years. While the game seems to be based purely on chance, there are certain strategies and tricks you can use to maximize profits and minimize losses. The nature of the game is such that it's impossible to make certain that you turn a profit, but this article outlines ways to minimize your losses. Incendentally, my favorite song is Roulette, by System of a Down.

My best business friend came to me one day and said that he soon times in a casino would go on. Not because he overpaid Money, but because he desperately needed what.
He had to urgently replace an important machine because the old failed, but had no financial means whatsoever to buy the bar. The idea was already enough. What should we say, however, when we know that he had never before in a casino?

Here's is a list of things I am working on for my roulette book. The following is a list of chapters.
1. How it came to this report
2. If a dream come true
3. Small introduction to the roulette system
4. So I became a roulette player
5. The dumb farmers have the largest potatoes
6. Setbacks
7. My life as a professional roulette system player
8. System: "Follow The Leader"
9. System: "4 of 6 TS"
10. System: "chaotic system" 
11. System: "The Manila-roulette-system"







Here's an example of one of my new strategies:

It resembles a little of the avant -

dernier, the bet on the next to the last spin. However the Wrangler march

has a much higher affectivity because the hostile figure, the series of 2 is

softened in its negative impact.

Using the Wrangler march you bet on the last come chance until two

consecutive losses. Then you switch to betting on the opposite chance.

There is one single exception: after two isolated consecutive series of 2

you bet up to three consecutive losses !

Long alternating series of 2 are neutralized by this procedure.